This is really good Krista, honest and thought provoking. I want to focus on the first element, the Vision. Being clear about our vision for a healthy sustainable world is essential. Yet the popular vision -- that being ecological and "green" , will halt and reverse the most damaging aspects, like rising sea level is fantasy. We are at the moment in the history of the planet and the eight billion inhabitants when our vision must be realistic, even if revolutionary. Until recently we thought that sea level was stable and "normal" meaning that the shoreline was normal. As I explain in my book, "Moving to Higher Ground" if we are to envision a healthy reality it must take into account that sea level has only been stable for the last six thousand years, essentially recorded human history. Geologic history teaches us that even natural change can be chaotic and hugely disruptive. As rather accurately portrayed in the "Ice Age" animated movies, eleven thousand years ago sea level was rising more than ten feet a century. Some hundred twenty two thousand years ago sea level was twenty five feet above present-day and stable for millennia. All of that was entirely natural; also sustainable and resilient. Wistfully wishing that being environmentally conscious can stop the ice caps from melting is not realistic. Our vision must be hopeful, inspiring, and realistic.

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